17 January 2011

A Continuing Saga!

Hey everyone!

Guess what? Principle photography on NARCISSISM has wrapped! We're all extremely excited to get some sleep and have a cup of hot chocolate with a blanket and some saturday morning cartoons.

But seriously, the work is far, far from over. We have secondary footage to cover, as well as all elements of post-production: picture editing, audio editing, soundtrack scoring, CG effects, animated sequences, festival submissions, soccer, etc.

We are truly indebted to everyone that helped us along the way, and continue to help us - we couldn't have done it without you. No, honestly. We would've died.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Daniel would too, but he's busy shooting Brendan Dean's senior film, "EVIL", which will be truly fantastic.

On the sidelines of the production of Narcissism, we have been simultaneously piecing together a making-of documentary, called "Locked in Heated Battle: the Making of NARCISSISM". It is an engaging look into the making of this crazy film. You get to see a lot of snow. Brooklyn blizzards are yikes.

In other news, pre-production is reaching full tilt on our next project, a short film called "Modern Problem". This film is my little baby, and with Daniel and the rest of the Small Rice Field crew on board, we'll have a great picture to show you all. Focus will be swinging towards Modern Problem within the coming weeks. You can visit the official production blog here.

Again, thank you to everyone. We'll keep you posted on the what's-its and the who's-its.


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