20 November 2010

The Fires Of Industry

Hey kids, how y'all doing?

So, some news:

1. Production on NARCISSISM is coming along swimmingly. We're getting closer to our financial goals every day, due to the generosity of some truly special people and a large group of enthusiastic supporters. I have to say, y'all have been truly inspiring and humbling. Thank you so much for helping this movie become a reality.

2. Starting the day after Thanksgiving, we'll be tackling the construction of some key set pieces at the SUNY Purchase Film Conservatory soundstage. We're joined in this adventure by two intrepid, genius artists: set designer Ben Saltzman and art director Aemi Thorne.

3. Casting is almost complete, and all I have to say about the lineup this time around is: holy smokes.

4. We're not totally done with our fundraising drive - won't you consider supporting us in this endeavor? We'll love you!

5. In unrelated news, pre-pre-production on our post-NARCISSISM film, MODERN PROBLEM, is gaining momentum and will pick up steam 100% in January. Stay tuned for that - it'll be a hell of a thing.

6. Brush your teeth and comb your hair.

- Tymon
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  1. Isn't MODERN PROBLEM your Freshman film?