21 September 2010

Next chapter. [Tymon]

Okay, everybody. A Dog, Barking is finally, truly complete - Daniel finished the final edit a few days ago, and we are all finally happy with it. Of course, no movie can ever be perfect, and this is by no means a perfect film, but we've done what we can and we've put it to test.

ADB is dead. Long live ADB.

Now, on to grander things.

Production on the final film of this little abstract trilogy, Narcissism, is going swimmingly. Principle screenwriting is complete, and pre-production is going forward without a hitch. We've purchased a lovely little camera specifically for this shoot, which will look fantastic. Shooting is planned to begin in December - we'll keep you updated on that with a dedicated production journal that will officially begin soon.

We are also starting production on my narrative directorial debut, a short by the name of Modern Problem. Pre-production on MP is running in conjunction with the same team that is heading up Narcissism. There will be a dedicated production journal for MP as well, so stay tuned.

Daniel and I are both extremely grateful for the support you've all shown us, in every regard - morally, emotionally, physically and financially. Your feedback has been great and your enthusiasm has been greater. In short, thanks a lot.

Til next time,


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