08 August 2010

Production images; preproduction on multiple fronts [Daniel]

Here's a slide show of some of the making of photos for your viewing pleasure. I'll think back to the filming of A Dog, Barking and am just surprised at how smooth the production had gone. There weren't any hitches besides the occasional small little issue here and there, which were generously alleviated by the folks on set. All of this was due to the marvelous preproduction planning, which I hope will become standard procedure in the future.

So, A Dog, Barking is out the door and summer is finally past it's zenith. I've had the chance to sit back and take in doing nothing for a change... but enough is enough. Ughh, I'm so ready to start shooting the next project... right now Orien, fellow collaborator and I are working on a script titled 'Narcissism'. It's a wild idea, and it's taking us on fun filled narcissistic adventures through time and split personalities and talking cartoon lizards and the end of the world... we're steering away from genre movies with this one. It's completely Charlie Kaufman esque Magic Realism which is something I've always wanted to do and hope to do more of in the future. There will also be some animation incorporated in the film and we have Emily Tomasik on board to head up such things. I will be working on a storyboard soon after the script is, well, in a more complete phase. I say this realizing a script can possibly never be finished until even after production has wrapped.

I was going to write about the script Tymon is working on, cuz I know he's working on something now--but to be honest, I don't think anyone knows what it is, so I'll leave that up to him to write about when he feels he's got something substantial.
EDIT: oh and welcome, Mitchell, as a new site admin.


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  1. And Mitchell is moving to NY FOREVER and would love to discuss this film when I am in Pville on tuesday and wednesday! :)