22 August 2010

Ebert canonizes Lost In Translation [Daniel]

I can't remember the first time I'd seen Lost in Translation. At the time of its release I must have only been interested in movies from a critical stand point and had not yet thought of filmmaking as a possibility. I can only try to pigeon hole it to be some time in 2003, maybe 2004. Many of my friends had seen it at a party in New Jersey, (that I had apparently missed out on) and only one friend told me how he had been affected by it. The rest had dismissed it as boring and uneventful and 'blah'. It was always going to have that kind of lack of impact on some people, and what should you expect from folks who are watching this film at a party? I had wanted to see it a lot sooner-- problem was that I wasn't much of a movie theater goer. [Actually, to this day I find it difficult to bring myself to a theater. It's not that I don't like it; I love being in cinemas. I love it. It's the decision of going that seems to be where the difficulty lies. I think it has something to do with my childhood. Maybe it's a fear of leisure. Or spending money. Some kind of phobia. I mean, I could just be completely and incompetently lazy... But oh my god where was I?]

I can't remember the first time I'd seen the film. It's possible that I might have been alone in my apartment in Pleasantville, I might have been on a train and watching from my laptop, I could have been with a group of friends, whatever. I just remember it feeling like a late epiphany when I finally did see the film, whenever that was. I now talk to just about everyone who has ears to hear about it, though usually they're just my friends.

And so Roger Ebert has just entered the Lost in Translation into his hallowed list of "Great Movies". What does this mean? Well, quite simply, he loves it enough to officially place it in a category that clearly indicates that it is a great film. He writes about it on his site. The man takes the words right out of my mouth when it comes to explaining my favorite favorite film.

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  1. this movie affected me so deeply. i can't really express how much i love it.