17 August 2010

Developments [Tymon]

The summer is close to being over. It's been a very eventful few months for us, and the approaching autumn will be even more packed. Daniel and Orien are hard at work on the script for our upcoming film, "Narcissism", and I am helping along the way.

At the same time, I am working on a few ideas for new scripts, one of which I'm feeling really good about, and that Daniel and Orien are excited about as well. We'll keep you updated on the status of this mysterious mystery project as things progress.

Work on Narcissism is coming along nicely. We are hoping to finish the pre-production process by December, and we will shoot through January. So far, Narcissism is proving to be the most daunting and large-scale project we've worked on yet; but maybe because of this, I am confident that it will be our most satisfying and exciting work yet.

And for those of you that were hoping for our planned sci-fi film "The Heavy Dark", don't worry - we haven't forgotten it. But more on that later.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, everyone. If you haven't gone swimming yet, do it - pretty soon it will be too cold to do anything but sit inside all day and watch movies.

Stay tuned, kids.

- Tymon
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  1. I approve of this message.

    I am also searching for ways to be creative in my free time so I may find a means of contributing to this mecca

  2. I am in that picture! I AM important! I want to be more important... :(