18 October 2017

A Bad Date In Phoenix

Principal photography for "A Bad Date In Phoenix" - directed by Tymon Brown, starring Vas Flutur and Alex Stamell - is underway. Production stills coming soon.


Tymon Brown and Small Rice Field have launched "Scenes From My America" - a curated series of films, scenes, excerpts, and experimental pieces about American life in the 21st century.

The series in full (always growing!) can be viewed here: Scenes From My America

New additions include excerpts from the following three pieces by Tymon Brown:




17 October 2017

Sylvie and Cal (teaser)

We've been working on several new films in 2017 - here's a teaser for "Sylvie and Cal" - directed by Tymon Brown.

Sylvie and Cal (teaser) from Tymon Brown on Vimeo.

13 May 2013


We're pleased to announce that Bloomer (written/directed by Tymon Brown) has been completed. You can watch the film here!

23 April 2013


We're pleased to announce that our newest film, "Bloomer" (dir. Tymon Brown) will be premiering this weekend at the SUNY Purchase Film Conservatory Theater. Here's a poster:

21 December 2012

+Tymon Brown is making his latest film in conjunction with +Small Rice Field and +New Cinema Discourse

Please help if you can by donating at this Kickstarter.

14 December 2012


Take a look at the Kickstarter page for our next film, "Bloomer", by clicking here:

Bloomer Kickstarter!

Please donate if you can!

22 October 2012


When he's not teaching a new generation of filmmakers how to do the do at the SUNY Purchase Film Conservatory, renowned filmmaker Tim McCann makes movies. Here's the trailer to one of them.

24 August 2012

New Cinema Discourse

We're pleased to announce the launch of New Cinema Discourse, a film journal by filmmakers, for filmmakers (and everybody else, too).

In conjunction with the students and alum of the SUNY Purchase Film and Cinema Studies programs, as well as filmmakers and theorists from other schools and walks of life, Small Rice Field aims to make New Cinema Discourse a powerful resource for the discussion and engagement of cinematic magic.

New Cinema Discourse will be a print adulation of film, focusing on the joys and virtues of the movies we love.

Website: New Cinema Discourse

Facebook: New Cinema Discourse official FB page

Twitter: New Cinema Discourse official twitter

23 August 2012


Small Rice Field is pleased to announce plans for an interactive film journal, the construction of which is currently underway! Entitled "New Cinema Discourse", this online/print journal will aim to foster positive conversation about the movies we all love and the state of the film industry. Stay tuned for more!